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Plasma Cutting

Our plasma cutter is capable of cutting material 10’X 20’ and up to 2 inches thick. The machine uses a computer to accurately guide the cutting head over the material. The cutting head itself uses an electronic spark to produce an arc of electricity which then initiates a jet of plasma reaching up to 45,000 Degrees F

Breaking & Forming

Our brake machine uses a hydraulic press to break, that is bend, material. Depending on the thickness, we can break material up to 14’ in length. The machine is accurately computer controlled to assure that the exact angle is placed into the material at the correct position needed.


Our shearing machine uses a hydraulically controlled blade to shear sheets of material up to 10’ in width and ¼” in thickness. To add to its cutting accuracy, the machine has a computer controlled backstop to assure that the material we cut for you is accurate to the exact specifications you need.

Water Cutting

Our waterjet system uses water mixed with an abrasive material compressed to 90,000 psi to cut through hard materials. Such material includes but is not limited to, steel, granite, rock, glass, wood, as well as plastic up to 6 inches thick. The waterjet’s cuts are fully computerized and highly accurate and provide for a high degree of repeatability. Additionally, this process is useful on materials for which cutting with heat may be detrimental to the material itself. 

Production Band Saw

Our band saw is electronically controlled and capable of cutting any of our stick material in an accurate and timely fashion. The rotating blade band and material are kept cool during the cutting process by a coolant. Our cold saw works much the same way as your typical chop saw, while keeping the material cool with coolant. Both machines are capable of cutting at angles.

Hole Punching

Our hole punch machine uses a hydraulic press to punch wholes into material up to 1/2” thick. Our wide selection of attachments means that we can make the whole to fit your needs. We are also capable of using the press to notch pipes for easy fitting and welding.

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